Ma.gnolia ad-free until October

On their blog the folks behind the social bookmarking service Ma.gnolia have announced, that the site will be ad-free until October.

Everyone will get to enjoy Ma.gnolia as it was designed to be seen, and when the ads come back to help pay the bills, we’ll also have our long-promised subscription service available, which, among other things, will turn ads off for subscribers.

I can’t wait to see what these other features will be and how much the price for such a subscription will be. I really hope that they won’t be more expensive than Flickr. Something in the range of 15-20USD per year would be nice depending on what the extra features will be.

Just the ad-removal alone won’t probably convince anyone to pay for the service since ad-blockers seem to do a great job of solving this problem on the client-/proxy-side. So let’s start speculating:

My guess would be, that the API for prosumers will be extended and that they will perhaps extend the caching aspect of the site.

But until this secret is lifted, I really like the idea of giving people soem ad-free time before such a major change :D