Updating an outdated 23hq story ...

There’s been quite some time since I last posted about 23hq.com, the Danish alternative to Flickr. And since my previous article is now partially outdated (and Steffen Tiedemann Christensen from 23hq contacted me to inform me about the new features) I think it’s time to roll out a small addendum to that article :)

Since the last article quite some things have changed esp. under the hood:

  • You can now change the license of your photos. The selection includes the usual licenses like a public domain license, a collection of CC licenses and the option not to apply a license but to reserve all rights. The license can be set individually for each photo with a default setting being available in the options.
  • There is now a views counter.
  • You can now add notes inside of a photo similar to what you can do on Flickr.
  • You can now mark a photo as a favorite
  • Manual sorting within an album is now also possible and don’t require such a beast as the organizer on Flickr.
  • There are now also photo groups which look comparable to what all the other photo sites out there have.

So basically everything that was missing when I wrote my first article about 23, is now in (apart from something like making photos only visible for a certain group of contacts). Still, 23 seems to focus more on the core features of photo sharing which it does pretty well. The interface is still fast and very straight forward without looking cheap. In some regions the contrast could be better though.

Also if you’re looking for geotagging, 23 might not be your best choice since they don’t offer any functionality in this department.

In my opinion the feature if you will that sets 23 apart from its competitors is its openness. Just as an example, you can easily download all your photos as a zip :) And (naturally) there is also an API which looks quite similar to the Flickr-API, which should make it pretty easy to port applications over.

Did I mention that there is a pro account as well? ;-) It’s 20EUR per year which gives you unlimited upload of photos. For starters there is a free account which gives you an upload limit of 30 photos per month and 300 photos in your account in total. So basically add n photos to what Flickr has to offer its customers for free.

And with the recent near-exodus on Flickr 23 has gained some momentum in the community.

Note: These are only my impressions from the outside. Perhaps (or probably) I’ve overlooked some other new features and misinterpreted others. So please don’t shoot me, if I got something wrong ;-)