Without the work of the whole Django community who provided pre-built applications for example for tagging this whole site would have taken much longer to make than it actually did. So now it’s my turn to give something back. Since I’m still quite new to Django I want to start with something small: The Lifestream component of this page :-)

As already said, this is probably the smallest component of this site, but it was quite easy to make it generally applicable. It basically consists of 2 components:

  1. A commandline script that can easily be integrated with a cron-system in order to periodically regenerate the lifestream (backend)
  2. and a frontend that consists of a view (and hopefully in the future also a feed) for actually rendering the built-stream.

The setup is pretty straight-forward if you have ever worked with cron so I hope the provided documentation is sufficient (at least for now). Otherwise just file a bug report :-)

For now the whole project is hosted on Google Code but I also plan to at least mirror it on Launchpad since I prefer working with distributed version control systems.

So, by now you can find django-lifestream on I hope you like it and it’s useful :-)

I once again want to thank Jeff Croft and Manuela Hoffmann for their inspiration and the whole Django community (and esp. all the folks in #django) for their help :-)