Tons of new stuff from Apple

Today Apple announced among other things a new iMac, a new version of iLife and iWorks and a new keyboard. To bad that now new MacMini(Paul Stamatiou found it) or small MacBook Pro was among those products but at least 50% of the presented those I named are very intersting for me …

… although I’m currently a little bit angry first of all with myself and 2nd with Apple. Why? Well, I just got Lightroom because I wanted a non-destructive way of editing my photos. And what does Apple? It includes something that I actually considered a pro-feature because it was more or less only available in apps like Lightroom and Aperture into the new version of iPhoto which is now bundled with iLife'08. Anyway: it’s nice to see such features become available also in consumer applications esp. now that my Dad finally also gets his first digital camera (so I might be able to convince him to get the family pack of iLife'08) ;-)

The other product that Steve Jobs announced today and that got me quite excited is the new keyboard (which also seems to be bundled with the new iMac). Sure, it’s just a keyboard but I have to say I’m extremely happy with my Apple keyboard except for one small thing: I should probably clean it every day in order to keep it from becoming the most ugliest thing in the world. The new keyboard is not only more stylish but also seems to be more closed up compared to the previous keyboard. I just hope this finally keeps the cake out of it :)

There also is an update for .Mac … for those who still care.