Transporter 2

For tonight I had a movie slot and since I had no motivation watching the same old movies of my collection again, I got myself “Transporter 2” from the local video shop.

This time Frank Martin, played once again by Jason Statham, has some work to do in Miami. There he is the driver for the young son of a rich business man and his wife. Everything is peaceful until so people want to get their hands on little Jack.

The movie is once again full of action with a quite distinctive charme. If you know the first Transporter, you pretty much know what you can expect from the 2nd: Fast cars and tons of martial arts with not too little gun power and new in this one: a little bit of bio warfare. What impressed me with this movie the most was the camera. But not only the movement and positioning but also in some scenes the colors. It’s hard to explain since I don’t know any moviemakers-vocabulary for this, but when you watch this movie (which I can recommend if you liked the first Transporter), you will know what I mean :-)

Also the soundtrack is exactly to my taste which means it’s a good combination of rocky tunes combined with the usual stuff (classic + rock, which I noticed quite a lot after “The Rock”).

But don’t get too much excited. It’s - as usual - a movie heavily focused on entertainment and action and not on things like great plot or something that will force you think beyond remembering where you put your popcorn. That said, I like story a little bit more than in the first movie, but part of the special flair around this movie is gone with the movie to Miami. The creators tried to prevent this by adding inspector Tarconi played by François Berléand who is shocked by the local cooking and tries to introduce the Miami police to the cuisine française while providing Frank with some intel. While well-meant, this attempt can’t really compensate for the completely different setting.

Another problem the movie has, are its special effects. While the camera rocks, the martial arts is once again great, the special effects and esp. the explosions appear cheap. Just good that there are just a few where you will notice this.

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