Pownce: Friends gone?

I guess Pownce is one of those apps out there where you really notice that it’s in some kind of private testing for a reason …

Friends gone?When I first joined Pownce, it was quite unstable. For example I got my invite but couldn’t join for a couple of hours since the server was down or at least slow enough to trigger my personal timeout (which is with 5 minutes per page load when I’m curious probably way above average ;-) ). Then the whole story started with emails not getting sent or the other day getting sent twice. This all seems to finally be fixed, but now there is another problem: Suddenly the listing of my friends seem to have disappeared without any notice. So I guess this is just a bug, but it would be nice if there was some kind of account people could friend and get updates on things like that.

In another sense this might be a good sign: There’s obviously quite some work going on in the background ;-)