Digg and finally a good profile

By now you’ve probably already heard of the quite big interface changes on the social bookmarking and news-site Digg.com which were announced yesterday evening … actually about 26 hours ago by Kevin Rose on the official Digg blog

There you can also watch a nice introduction into what’s all part of this update. For me personally this comes as great news since I always was searching for comments I made on some post and the scrolling nearly killed me every time. Now Digg finally has a useful history of what you’ve all done and with exact links to these items. So no comment-hunting anymore :D

This feature is also available for all your friends, so you can use filters (like “I only want to see comments”) not only on your own history, but also on what your friends did.

The update also comes with some other features like uploading up to 25 photos … although, I’m not really sure, what’s the point of this. Same goes for the “shouts” feature (the usual shoutbox). There’s also a feature for explicitly sharing links with your friends, which I haven’t tried yet, but I’d assume that is somehow linked with the shoutbox (given that there exist only email notifications for shoutbox entries, but not for shared links).

In general, this update is really nice esp. because of the revamped history for you and your friends. But I’m still waiting for Digg to open up to the international audience :-)