Back again!

I’m not really a fan of Microsoft’s products and so far only had not so great experience with their support, but this time it’s different. About a week ago I wrote about my Xbox360 leaving home for the next Microsoft support center …

… and today it returned. This was quite a nice round-trip-time if you ask me. I got the confirmation that it had arrived in Germany on September 14, and today someone from UPS called me to get directions on where he should bring that Xbox360 he had with him. So it must have left Germany about last Thursday which makes it only 4 days the console was in the support center.

And so far it is working great :-) I’ve played now about 2 hours of Lost Planet and before that got that Ace Combat 6 demo and the demo for that XBLA game from Eidos … have to look up the name … GEON: emotions (quite entertaining actually). So perhaps the freezing problems are now finally a thing of the past.

I also got a nice free month of XBL Gold. It’s not like I’ll use this in the near future, but it’s still nice. I still hope that this was the last time M$ saw my Xbox360 ;-)

P.S.: @Microsoft: Please attach a letter to those Xboxs you return that tells the customer what exactly you made ;-)