Delicious ... support?

I guess by now everyone who is interested in it has already seen the screenshots of the new Delicious interface posted a while ago on TechCrunch. Since I still consider the simplicity of Delicious’ interface far superior to what Ma.gnolia has to offer, I at least wanted to keep both more or less synchronized. So I wrote once again a little script that adds all those bookmarks I made on Ma.gnolia during my absence from Delicious … with the expected problems.

Seems like Yahoo for some reason thinks that I need to be throttled the moment I post about 100 bookmarks with a delay of roughly 2 seconds between each request. Otherwise I couldn’t explain why I got all those 503-errors ;-)

But thottling me for 2 hours?! *shrugs* I guess there’s simple nothing new on this front after all. But this time I contacted their customer support right away with following message (original including all the typos :P):

Dear sirs,

I have a small problem with your API. I’m about to import about 100 bookmarks from a different bookmarking site into again with a 2 sec delay between every request, but I’m still getting throttled (and still am about 10 minutes after aborting). According to the API info page I should wait at least ONE second between two consecutive requests. Am I missing something?

Best regards, Horst Gutmann

I think it’s formulated friendly enough ;-) And as always it seems to take them ages to reply. After two hours of waiting, at least the autoban was lifted again. I’m really curious if support will really get back to me.

This all happened yesterday morning … still no reply from Yahoo, but I already got a response to another support question I had for JVC (which I asked last night ;-))…