Python Magazine No.1

For the last two days I wanted to write about it … but I actually wanted to wait until I had finished reading it. Thanks to quite a lot of other stuff (OK, probably mostly Halo 3) it takes longer than I had anticipated, so I will just write about it after being only halfway through.

What am I talking about?! Well, the new Python Magazine (PM) naturally :D Python Magazine is a new source of articles and tutorials about and for the Python programming language published by MTA, the same folks publishing php|architect. A couple of days ago the first issue of it saw the light of the world and thanks to it being free I immediately downloaded it and tortured my parents printer for getting a hardcopy of it. (For those of you who prefer nicely printed stuff, you can also subscribe to a print-edition.)

As I already wrote, I’m only halfway through, but so far the articles were really interesting and the topics were quite diverse: From writing a small form processor on top of WSGI to a basic tutorial on how to write C extensions for Python and not to mention a great overview of multi-process libraries. For future issues I’m not yet sure about the price, though. While the quality is definitely there in my opinion, 7USD for about 45 pages is a little bit high for the PDF version.

But again: If the quality is there and there are enough articles that I’m interested in, I think the price won’t hold me back from getting it in the future :-)

Now I just hope that this project will end up as long running is php|arch :D