Jaiku acquired by Google

Now this is strange. I would have expected Nokia to buy them, but Google? Perhaps Twitter was not for sale, although I also didn’t notice that Jaiku was. Anyway, it seems like this is one of those acquisitions where the buyer more or less locks the site down to integrate it completely into its own infrastructure (Writely anyone?).

Right after announcing the acquisition, Jaiku closed its registration and according to the FAQ:

A limited number of users will be able to sign up for an invitation to participate in continued beta-testing of the service.

So will Jaiku be renamed to Gaiku? Will we see a direct integration into GMail and Google Talk … wait! There already is a Jabber Bot, so I guess the GTalk integration won’t really be such a new thing. I’m really curious what the child of this union will look like, but I won’t hold my breath.