New MacBook in the shopping basket

Hardware … I love buying hardware. It’s just so sad that you cannot buy hardware everyday. Yeah. All these rooms simply don’t have enough space for all of it. Money?! Pfffff. … yeah … money … But sometimes you simply need a new laptop if your old one starts to show its age everytime you find a new application you want to try.

Finally getting some new hardware again :D Last friday after 2 years I order a new laptop again. I originally wanted to put this order already a week ago but then the rumor appeared that Apple is about to update their MacBook product line with some faster CPUs and an update to their onboard Intel graphics chip.

Thanks to Apple’s switch to Intel CPUs I can then also work with some decent virtualization. But first, I guess, I have to decide if I want to go with VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop. I already have some experience with Parallels but honestly currently I’m a bit pissed off at them. I bought a license for Parallels Desktop exactly a year ago and they did 2 major releases in the meantime so I have to spend another 80USD for it if I want to use Parallels on Leopard. I guess I will just take a more closer look at VMWare Fusion esp. since I will be using some of VMWare’s products at work anyway.

That aside I’m also really looking forward to getting my hands on Leopard. While I could just go to the next Apple partner store and get it, I first want to see it on a new machine and not on my old Powerbook. And I’m really looking forward to a nice and smooth first impression :D I’m just a little sad that my new MacBook won’t arrive until after my birthday in 2 weeks. Shipping (literally) those things from Shanghai simply takes too much time :-/