Lightroom 1.3

Wow, what a timing :-) I just was about to install Lightroom again and therefor wanted to download the latest update. So I downloaded it, started it and was quite surprised to see the version number: 1.3 :D

The new version seems to primarily be targeted at Leopard users, but also comes according to the release notes with support for some more RAW formats as well as a preview of an Export SDK. According to the info page it should allow developers to more easily interact with the export dialog. So I guess there will be sooner or later some way to “officially” export to services like Flickr instead of relying on some tricks like moving the whole Uploadr application into a certain directory ;-)

Downloading that whole update was rather painful though, since the links on didn’t seem to work. So I guess you have 2 options right now: (1) using the update functionality right from within Lightroom or just downloading another trial edition of it.