Favorite Leopard Features so far

I’ve only been using Leopard for a couple of days now (since I wasn’t all that motivated to get it before my MacBook arrived) but I’ve already found some new stuff that I actually really enjoy…

  1. In Tiger you had to jump through some hoops to get new hostnames show up after editing /etc/hosts. This seems to be a thing of the past now: Today I just added a new binding and the new hostname was resolved right after saving the file.
  2. Before Leopard it drove me nuts that you couldn’t for example make the list-view in Finder the default one for all folders. Now you can do that with whatever view-mode you select simply by first switching to this mode, hitting cmd+j and then checking the first box in that new dialog ;-)
  3. Python 2.5.1
  4. Network mounting now works without letting the whole Finder hang there while waiting for the server to respond.
  5. Another Finder improvement: “Go to folder…” now also handles some tab-completion.
  6. Also the help system was vastly improved. Every app’s help menu now comes with a small spotlight-like search box that not only scans the documentation, but also searches the menus for you. For example if you’re looking the “Used folders” element in the menu, just enter this into this search box and it will highlight that menu item for you.