Did you ever have a game that you stowed away years ago and suddenly start to to play again? Even more enthusiastically than the first time around? This fate seems to have had WipEout Pure for the PSP with me.

Logo from http://www.wipeoutpure.com

I got this game right on launch-day with my shiny new PSP and I loved it right away. But for some reason I stopped playing it after a while, something that it has in common with probably about any racing game I buy: After let’s say 10 hours (max.) I put it away promising that I would return to it when more pressing matters were dealt with. In most cases those pressing matter are simply other games where I don’t have the feeling that I’ve seen everything about them yet.

So after quite some time I’m now playing Pure again since last Friday (Thanks Mathias …). Not that I’m good at it, but at least I want to try to get gold everywhere :-) Well, so far I’ve only managed to finally finish my most favorite mode in that game: The Zone mode. Sure, it has only 4 tracks, but each of them is just sooo enjoyable, that I couldn’t get anything else done during the weekend (not that the weather was nice enough to go take some photos, anyway).

And I really have to hurry: In just about 10 days the successor to Pure will hit store-shelves: WipEout Pulse. With 2 dozen new tracks and more content for the Zone-fanatics like me, I will really have to get this game right on the first day :D

Btw. at everyone at the University of Klagenfurt who have this game: A get-together would be nice with a little tournament, wouldn’t it? ;-)