Top 3 Games of 2007

2007 is nearing its end and so it’s time for all those annoying “best-x of the year”" articles and shows all around the web. In order not to annoy you all that much, I will try to keep my “Best Game of the Year” post short (at least shorter than what the folks over at Eurogamer produced ;-) ).

Number 3

Wipeout Pulse (PSP): Wipeout Pulse so far surprised me with tons of great ideas that made the whole concept and style of its predecessor Wipeout Pure just that much more compelling. Pure was already great, but it had way too little tracks in the Zone mode, which was in my opinion the real highlight of the game. Pulse improves here with offering a Zone track for all the normal tracks in the game. Also the whole single player mode was completely restructured. It now no longer consists of only simple races against a bunch of opponents, but throws in good old Burnout-style time trials, eliminations Zone events etc. into the mix and gives the player the choice what to do first.

Number 2

Crackdown (Xbox360): With Crackdown a dream has come true for me. I really liked the whole open world/sandboxy theme of for instance GTA3, but didn’t really like the rest of the atmosphere. I simply prefer playing one of the good guys ;-) Crackdown took that and also allowed me to completely explore a city not only from the streets but also from the roof-tops. It’s just soooo great to sit on some building atop the 10th floor, sniper from up there and move to a different rooftop completely at will.

What the game lacked in story, it definitely made up for in re-playability. While I’ve found all the agility orbs, I’m still looking for some of the hidden orbs. And I definitely plan to find them all.

Number 1

Portal (Xbox360/PC): … do I really have to write anything about it? If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard more than enough about this game. Just that: The were the best 3.5h I had with any game ever. The funny thing was: The first 18 levels took me 1.5h. And the 19th 2 hours ;-)

If you don’t have it yet, get it. In my opinion it was even worth the full prize for the Xbox360 version of the Orange Box :-)