Gears of War Prequel as Book

Just read on Joystiq about Gears of War getting a prequel book … I’m really not sure if I should be excited about it or not. The story of the game was quite interesting for me and the end was definitely tailored in a way to make the game open to novells and stuff. Nothing heard about it yet but if this book is mostly about the background of Marcus Fenix and also about why he supposedly became a “traitor”, I’m not really interested. And given that the title of the book is supposed to be “The Pendulum Wars” it’s quite a fair guess :-(

Over several decades, the Pendulum Wars took place between various human countries, and ended with the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) taking control of the planet. The war quickly came to an end on “Emergence Day”, when a ravenous force known as the Locust Horde bursts from underneath major human cities using a network of underground tunnels.


So I guess nothing new about the Locust in there, something that would have been (at least for me) way more interesting.