Every now and then I come across a site that really makes me come back every other minute. So happened 2 days ago with If you don’t know it yet, CommandShift3 is basically Hot-or-Not for websites. The frontpage is dominated by 2 large screenshots of 2 websites and you vote for one of them by simply clicking the screenshot … and wonder what weird taste other people have ;-)

It’s esp. addictive if your own website in the pool :-) You can also check how well your site (or any submitted site for that matter) is faring so far and also post a short comment. CommandShift3 is also great when you are not a designer and want to find some aspects of your site’s look that you could improve. Just take a look at the other sites in the pool (which you see a lot anyway if you are addicted to voting there) and esp. the sites that beat you in battles. You can see the first changes motivated by this competition since yesterday ;-)

While you’re at it, don’t forget to also visit their about page ;-)