BarCamp Senza Confini: I can't wait!

So next weekend Klagenfurt will see its 2nd BarCamp ever and once again it will be held in the rooms of the University of Klagenfurt and hopefully help people in Carinthia to get to know some new topics and exchange opinions in a comfortable and amicable atmosphere.

As in Vienna last September also this time I want to give at least one entry-level presentation. Currently I’m still undecided on the topic, though. Originally I had planned to initiate a discussion about how people use version control systems. The idea was, to introduce new people to this topic who’ve never worked or even heard of such systems and show them how much easier their life can be with them. The problem with this though: I currently lack the time to do a sophisticated inquiry in this area, so at best I could drop in my personal opinion.

The second topic, which is becoming more and more my primary one, is “CSS Frameworks”. Here, I have less experience but I currently investigating some for a couple of projects of mine; so I’m currently more into them compared to VCS. Here I at least plan to take a look at at least 2 frameworks and give a short overview of what the advantages and disadvantages of them and CSS frameworks in general are. Well, that’s for the plan. Let’s see if I can find enough time tomorrow and next week (moving to a different office, skiing, other BarCamp preparations …) for at least one of these topics.