BarCamp Senza Confini: Day 1

Puh, first day of BarCamp SenzaConfini 2008 in Klagenfurt is over. Tons of presentations by people all over the region (Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, …) and a couple of really stupid outages of Twitter :-(

First of all, thanks to Ed for picking me up at home and sparing me a 40 min. bus-trip :-) And now on to the presentation: Well, first one for me today was Armin Ronacher’s about Mercurial and I’m really glad that he did it and not me. To most of the questions asked there I would have simply had no answer simply because I never really had to face those use-cases.



Next came a talk about “online social inequalities” that from what I could tell focused on gender-related differences when it comes to blogging habits. Next came a presentation about blog networks in the sense of blogs connected through linking.

The last presentation I attended today was by Bernd Buchegger and Ronald Linasi about Adobe Flex. Since I use Flex to some degree for my master thesis I was especially looking forward to the discussion after the actual presentation which ended up highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of Flex (but also of some other similar technologies) quite well :-)

Now I just hope, that twitter will be a little bit more reliable tomorrow. Today some people only received a single SMS, while other messages ended up with a delay of 30 minutes or more. Anyway, I will try to keep everyone informed of what’s next in what room through our official twitter feed … and now I need some sleep.