BarCamp Senza Confini 2008: 2nd day

The 2nd day started with quite a surprise when I came to the university at about 0830 just to find out that I had forgotten that the actual meeting time for the organizing team had been set to 0900 instead of 0830 ;-) I was also really sad when I noticed, that in the end so many people either didn’t come at all or came only for the first day (or even only for a couple of hours on the first day). That said, the 2nd day was still great fun again :D


One hour of time can equal tons of presentations

The day also started with the first slots in each room getting skipped, which eventually turned out to be a good thing, because most of the presentations of the day got finalized during this extra hour.

The first presentation for me today was “Problems of blind users on the net” where Christian Lendl gave us some examples and details about how blind people see the world and the net in particular.

Next came my own presentation about CSS Frameworks, which you can learn more about in another post ;-)

After lunch (which I definitely had too much of) the folks at presented their self-made panorama-camera (think about 12 digital cameras duct taped together on wheels and you get the basic idea :-)). Esp. if you need something more custom than Google’s Street View this looks really like a great service.

And then there was the big event: A Faceball Tournament :D If you’ve never heard of Faceball, go no further than the “official” site where you can see 2 intro videos and one promo that tell you everything you really need to know ;-)


A sponsored ball in your face

It was just once again sad, that the international component was totally missing by then so we had to scale our ambitions of delivering a pseudo European Championship back to a national event ;-)

Last but not least, Daniel Hölbling gave a presentation about the Windows Live Writer application and also showed off its extensibility. Really a nice tool :-)

I also want to clarify something that might have been misunderstood during the feedback session. I was not angry about our some companies just showing up yesterday. I really want to thank them for showing up at all and giving presentations :-) I was just a little bit sad to see so many people leave last night for not coming back this morning esp. with events like the Faceball Championship :-(

Big thanks to Georg and everyone else on the team for making this event possible and I’m really looking forward to the next BarCamp in Carinthia :-)