Nine Inch Nails publishing new album online (DRM-free)

Wow, kudos to Trent Reznor and the rest of the Nine Inch Nails for doing something that you have probably already heard about: They put their new instrumental album (or collection, depending on how you look at it) Ghosts I-IV online, giving you 4 different packages to choose from, depending on what you want (no CDs, CDs, CDs and Blu-Ray disc …). For details, check out the order options page.

(Artwork is part of the album.)

Personally, I first got the free package, since for me it’s been always a little bit risky with the Nine Inch Nails, but I soon found at least 2 tracks out of the 9 that I couldn’t stop listening to for a whole day and a half (with the rest also need being bad ;-)). And for 5$ it wasn’t really that hard to convince myself that even if I only found one more track from the rest of the 36 tracks, it would be more than worth the money given the current USD2EUR conversion rate ;-)

The package that I got also include 11 wallpapers (each in normal as well as widescreen ratio), a 40 pages PDF with some more photography and a bunch web graphics like the one you see above.

Another big part of that move is, that everything there is released under a CreativeCommons (share-alike, non-commercial) license which allows you for instance to create remixes with the tracks.

Again: Big props to NiN and I really hope we will see more stuff like that from other bands out there.