OmniGraffle 5.0 released

Sweet, yesterday night, right before I actually wanted to get some sleep, the OmniGroup released version 5.0 of their great diagram tool OmniGraffle. Back when they first announced the first beta, they said this:

As for pricing, any OmniGraffle 4 purchases made on or after October 31 will receive a free upgrade to OmniGraffle 5 when it ships in early 2008.


So I tried right away to run OmniGraffle 5.0 with my old license key (which I bought on 11/19/2007) just to get a nice error message telling me, that the key only works for OmniGraffle 4.x. I emailed sales right away … And also got an answer right away :-) According to the friendly person at the other end of the tubes, OmniGroup would start sending out update licenses later that day.


And yes, just got my OmniGraffle 5.0 license. So if you haven’t got your yet and you purchased OmniGraffle 4.x after October 31, contact the sales department at OmniGroup :-)

But now to the actual product: I’ve been working with it since the first beta and mostly really like it. It’s a good iterative release with one big feature for me: Support for the binary VISIO file format. Too bad it’s online import but I guess you can’t have everything ;-) What I don’t really like is the way the inspector got changed again. For me personally the inspector of OmniGraffle 3 was still the best since you could easily switch from each panel to another using just your keyboard. Now you just have access to a group of panels. Naturally you can solve this by just using the OSX keyboard shortcuts, but default settings back then just felt more natural to me :-)

Purely from the UI I think that OG5 is a update worth its price since it really cleans up the whole interface not to mention the subgraph feature in OG5 Pro, which I can definitely see myself using a lot in the future.