Now with Blueprint

Since a couple of months I’ve been now looking over at the Blueprint project (among other CSS frameworks) and have been wanting to write something with it. It’s a nice little set of generic CSS definitions, that just makes life so much easier while not really restricting you in any way if you want to have a fixed with layout. Sure, there is the initial restriction of the 950 pixels for the overall container, but since it’s easy to get around this, it doesn’t count IMO.

More or less I looked my site and though “Hmm… perhaps the content area really should be a little bit wider”. So it wasn’t really a big leap to start moving my custom styling over to Blueprint which in the end will offer me an easier way to later on do some more fancy stuff (esp. with the frontpage).

I also took the opportunity to finally through out some old stuff from the stylesheets and rewrite them completely. There was just so much junk in there that it often took me ages to find anything in there (even with Firebug ;-)).

As I’ve mentioned above, I also looked at some of the other frameworks out there (esp. YUI), but all of them had just too much functionality for me. What I needed was just a reset.css with some usable defaults and a grid solution and this is what Blueprint offers me. Nothing more and nothing less.

There are definitely some glitches here and there, but I hope to hunt them all down in the days to come :-)