I hate IE6

Sometimes you really start to wonder … back when I moved this site over to a Blueprint-based stylesheet, everything was working file except naturally in good old sucker Internet Explorer 6. For some reason the sidebar ended up below the content. And no, it wasn’t because of the usual box-model problems but because of a single line in the teaser of this post on the index …

Today I checked again on browsershots.org and it’s looking fine again since the offending line was no longer on the index. So far I couldn’t yet determine what is going wrong here esp. since I currently have no means to test this site with IE6 and the post doesn’t contain anything out of the ordinary except perhaps a single <code> element *shrugs* . I guess there are simply some thing, that I don’t even want to understand since it would probably hurt too much. But if someone out there knows what is going one, please let me know :-)

It’s really not hard to see where initiatives like SaveTheDevelopers are coming from. If you want to do me and probably the rest of the world a favor, stop using IE6 and upgrade at least to Internet Explorer 7. Big please :-)

In other news, I’ve made the feeds now full feeds, including all of each post’s content – not only the teaser but also the body and if it’s a review also the verdict and the actual score. Daniel asked me before Easter about it and back then I was completely against it since if you’re viewing the feed, you don’t see the content-styling. But I guess, now that you know that, you at least know that you’ve got a choice ;-)