Snapz Pro + iMovie'08

I have to admit, when it comes to buying software for a simple task, I’m a little stingy. A few days ago I made a short video demo for a presentation and did so using Snapz Pro. But naturally right in the middle of it, I had to pause the recording because someone entered the room. I thought: Should be quite easy to remove the offending parts using iMovie … well.

So I removed the offending seconds (which contained quite a bit of cursing ;-)) and went on to export the movie. Imagine my surprise when all I got was a black video and the audiotrack instead of my demo. I googled for a solution but for some reason couldn’t find one. So I simply recorded the preview of the edited video again with Snapz Pro. Since the preview is in quite a bad resolution, that meta-recording was only barely acceptable, but I couldn’t do much more back then.

Today, I accidentally found a solution. The problem seems to be, that the default codec Snapz Pro uses for encoding recording, doesn’t completely work in iMovie. But lucky you’re not really restricted to this one codec, but can actually choose from quite a number of different A/V codecs on the settings screen right after finishing the recording process.

Changing the video settings comes after recording

So far I’ve only tried H.264 but at least here I haven’t noticed any compatibility issues so far.