Flickr opens development portal

Yahoo just launched a new portal site dedicated to Flickr development on The site more or less aggregates content from the Flickr API group as well as a new developer blog. Besides that it also comes with a Trac installation (not all that completely set up yet, though) which I guess will be used for 1st party applications like the Uploadr.

Trac not yet really configured

Somehow the whole site looks remarkably unfinished considering that its already announced on the official mailing-list yesterday evening. For instance besides Trac just sitting there, there is also a really weird bug in the CSS when hovering a timeline item.

Don't hover links ;-)

But don’t get me wrong: I like the idea of offering such a portal to the community, but I was a little bit surprised that it was announced that early. At least configuring Trac to have Uploadr as a component instead of the default “component1” and “component2” would have been nice :-)

I’m also not quite sure yet, what the point is with logging in using your Flickr account … from what I can tell, the login isn’t integrated with the Trac installation and seems to be the only interactive part of the site …

That said, I’m really curious what this site will be used for. Is perhaps Yahoo working on some more 1st party applications for Flickr? ;-)