Public sharing and more Megs on Pownce

Wow, Pownce just announced 2 huges changes to their service:

  1. You can now also post files to the public instead of just being able to share links, events and messages with the world.
  2. The filesize limit has been raised to 100 MB for normal users and 250 MB for pro users.

For me personally, this is really great, esp. since the new upload limit finally moves Pownce beyond sharing content via e-mail. I’m not so sure, though, about the whole public sharing thing. I guess only time will tell if people will be stupid enough to start sharing material copyrighted by others with the public (stupid because you have to have an account there to share stuff ;-)). Anyway, I really hope this works out for Pownce.

And for myself I hope I can convince some of my colleges to join. This would make sharing links and the usual funny stuff much more convenient ;-)