What about Del.icio.us?

Given the recent news of Joshua Schachter leaving Yahoo what future does del.icio.us really have? The last real life-sign (besides some plugins or module or various browsers) was in September last year when they showed a preview of the next generation engine built around Symfony and honestly: There wasn’t anything to blow you away in this preview; no really new features, just a re-design.

But how much interest does Yahoo! really have in this product? They didn’t even bother to integrate their login system as they did with Flickr within just a few months. And in general not all that much was added feature-wise to the site after the acquisition. Private bookmarks were added in March 2006 and Networks, which basically is nothing more than a low-level friends-feature, a month later. After that there came only minor improvements and since late 2007 there is mostly radio silence. I guess that’s it for del.icio.us then :-(