New on the horizon?

For the last month and for some reason I never could log into Pownce using the official anymore. No idea why, but it seems like the App has enough problems to justify a move that I would have never guessed possible: Pownce now suggests more or less officially, that you should use a different app – and PownceMonkey in particular – if you’re “experiencing substantial bugs”.

(Pownce is currently working on a new Pownce app - in the meantime, users experiencing substantial bugs may want to try )

Big props for admitting that there are indeed tons of problems with the current app. Now I just hope, that the new app will offer such nice things like content preview and such :D For instance I’m still not really convinced that AIR is a good solution for stuff like that. First of all it still doesn’t offer the look&feel of a native application and only in really rare cases it offers all the functionality the actual website – it’s supposed be a frontend for – has. A small docklet that just shows me that there is new content would be much more interesting to me which just keeps me up to date and gives me some notification when someone posts something new.

While I’m at it: This would be really nice for FriendFeed too ;-)