Disqus lets you claim anonymous comments

Ever made a comment on a weblog that was using Disqus while you were not? Well, now you can claim such comments according to this post on the Disqus blog so that you don’t lose track of them if you afterwards created your own account on Disqus.

The process itself is pretty straight forward. When you see a comment that you made without being logged in, you click on your avatar and get redirected to a profile page. Such a page is generated for every anonymous commenter’s email-address. You can now lay a claim on this page by entering the email address that it belongs to. Then you receive an email to confirm that this email address really belongs to you; and that’s it.

Since this profile is email based (the user-specific part of the profile’s URL is basically the MD5-hash of the email address) I guess this now includes all your comments made with this email address into your Disqus profile.

Really nice. Is this perhaps the first step for real comment importer? ;-)