No CrackBook anymore

No Crackbook anymoreAfter some e-mailing problems, 2 days ago I finally received word that the top-case replacement for my nice little white MacBook had arrived in Graz. But I’m in Klagenfurt and don’t have a car, so why Graz? Simple. In Graz is the nearest certified Apple service provider for me and I don’t really have the time to sent my MacBook to Apple (I guess all the way over to Amsterdam) and then sit on my hands waiting for it to return within a couple of weeks.

So yesterday I took the first bus – that is the first in what I consider as morning compared to “night” – and only 2.5 hours later I was standing in the offices of nc digitalis. If you ever get there, don’t expect a storefront. It’s basically just a small office within something that, I guess, previously was an apartment build in the early 1900s. Just ignore that if you don’t like it ;-) I was just really happy with the service. Within 15 minutes I had my MacBook again with a shiny new top-case (and a clean keyboard :-P ). And the best part: It was all done under warranty. Just great service :D