BlueprintCSS ready to be forked?

At least if you read the official mailinglist it might look like that too you. Olav Bjørkøy, the original author of BlueprintCSS, basically dropped of the net in March (except for some twittering ;-)) and nothing has really happened with the framework since then. If it were bug-free, this wouldn’t be a problem, but since it is not (hint: the ie.css still requires class names that have been removed from the rest with 0.7) it weird, to say the least. Not that Olav seems to be the only person with commit permissions there, but perhaps he’s the only one who can commit to the root folder.

Now, after 5 months of stagnation, some people on the official mailing-list are starting to wonder, if Blueprint is really dead and Christian Montoya wrote in the same post

[…] , but if Olav is really gone, I’m willing to pick up support for BP and maybe even develop it to version 0.8.

Another problem the Blueprint community currently faces is that no one seems to be administrating the mailing-list, which kind of invites spam right now.

That said, I personally don’t have any problems with the framework (except for the ie.css), but some of the other problems in the issue tracker look definitely like issues, that should be resolved if Blueprint should stay interesting for developers and designers out there. I can just hope, that this all gets resolved rather quickly now that there are finally some people thinking about solutions.

Update: Joshua Clayton has no created a repository on github, which hopefully wake some people up again ;-)