BlueprintCSS alive again

A small update on the whole BlueprintCSS front from what I could gather on the mailinglist etc.: The old site on Google code is basically dead. The development will probably continue on a new repository on GitHub with a tracker on Lighthouseapp thanks to Joshua Clayton, where I moved all the currently active tickets to a couple of days ago. Christian Montoya, who’s been in the same boat as contributor to BlueprintCSS as Joshua before, has now also set up a new website on that first of all points people to the new repository in order to make people aware of the change. The goal here is to get a high enough pagerank so that people won’t stumble upon the “old” project site and think the project is dead.

Another problem that arose due to the project founder basically dropping off the net was that the associated group on Google Groups slowly but steadily got filled with spam since he seems to have been the only person with admin or moderator privileges there. So Christian also created as a replacement. He first tried to get a higher access level to the group but, I guess, this wasn’t possible according to this post.

Please note, that I’m just a spectator (with only minimal involvement and I actually don’t want to become more since I enjoy my independence ;-) ) of this whole movement that seems to have enough contributors anyway, now that Christian and Joshua have revived the project and Chris Eppstein seems to be hard at work on the SASS integration.

With the new infrastructure in place and enough active members (the new mailinglist has already 24 members after only a couple of hours since its announcement) and enough people who have write access to the repo as well as moderator privileges on the tracker and the mailinglist, I guess, BlueprintCSS has once again become an actively maintained project. Big thanks to everyone involved in this development :-)