Next Ma.gnolia to be open-source

If you follow the blog on the social bookmarking service Ma.gnolia you probably know that the team behind it is far from being lazy. Every month there is something new. Most of the time it is something that only a couple of people will probably be interested in (like the integration with Gnip or the EAUT+OpenID support added this month), but nonetheless.

But today, they had something way bigger to announce: The next version of Ma.gnolia will be open-source. But this is only part of the story. M2 (as the new version is called) will not only make it possible to install your own little bookmarking service for you and your friends, but it will also be possible to link installations (including The whole open development project will launch next month on github. For links to the respective project parts visit

According to the published charter this move also opens the doors for a whole new business direction: consulting and support regarding custom installations. The whole business this around Ma.gnolia was always a little bit of a mystery to me. Last year there was some talk about finally introducing a pro account, something that never happened. But with M2 all roads are open again. Esp. if you want to sync your own site with, I can imaging, there might be a new pro account somewhere in there.

Anyway, great move and I can’t wait to see what the final infrastructure will look like. I’m esp. curious how the whole federation between multiple services will be handled and esp. with the “root” servers.