First day in Birmingham ... rain

The Mailbox OK, also the 2nd part of the journey to Birmingham was quite a success. About 15 minutes after landing in Stansted I managed to get a train … and after about an hour even a seat with table :D But 43 pounds?! At least the train conductor was great, cracking one joke after another. At New Street Station I was greeted by Arne, Arthur, Fauke and Jannis and at least Arthur, Jannis and I enjoyed some beer at the social event later on thanks to Zeth … although, I don’t understand why they had to put extra sugar into that Monty Python beer ;-) The hotel is fine too. Nothing extra-ordinary but it’s not like I was expecting much more when booking ETAP.

The plan for today originally was to check out the Birmingham Botanical Garden, but British weather struck and we are currently all sitting in the conference venue enjoying the Wifi. Hopefully the sun will show its face later today so we can at least enjoy the channels and the ThinkTank as well as Selfridges. Let’s see if I can restraint myself enough to not buy an iPod Touch ;-)