PyCon UK - Day 3

Bye, BirminghamNormally I’ve come to expect the last day of a conference to be more on the slow side. Only half of the people are there anymore and so on. But not in Birmingham, where the my 2nd conference day (3rd in total) was even more interesting than the first one, although all we could find on this not-so-sunny Sunday morning was some expensive McDonalds breakfast.

Sunday was just great. First came a talk by Chris Withers about all the major problems packaging is currently facing in the Python world. Or more, you when you want to use it. Next, Matthew Pontefract presented his Peloton-project, which offers you an infrastructure to build network nodes that offer certain kind of services over the net and manages those services.

After that I had originally planed to attend both talks by Michael Sparks about Kamaelia, but utterly failed when some kind of spontaneous Django-meetup took place in the BoF-room. I also had some problems with the local wifi and therefor simply stayed in that room until I could finally get all my photos of the day uploaded. And time literally flew by. At 1200 Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Simon Willison, Jannis Leidel, Arthur Koziel, Arne Brodowski and me all went out to find a pub or something like that to find something nice for lunch … quite successfully, I have to say with “The Thai Orchid Restaurant” where I had the best thai food in my life so far. 15 pounds for a big buffet with, I guess, something like 15 different starters, about 7 main dishes and about the same amount of desserts. So it was kind of a rolling back to the conference venue at 1400 ;-)

The after-lunch era of the day (I guess it can really be called that considering how much great food we had there) consisted of great key notes by Ted Leung and Steve Alexander introducing everyone to the LEAN project management method as practiced at Canonical. After a break there were one last time some great lightning-talks followed by the prize drawing (Jannis and Arthur both got a book :-) ) and some final words by John Pinner.

With this, a big “Thank you” goes to everyone involved in making this event happen. These were great 4 days in Birmingham (even though the beer-price was quite shocking) :D

P.S.: Sorry for being late, but I definitely needed those 12 hours of sleep ;-)