Django-oopviews now in its own library

As you might have guessed based on the recent activity in django-zsutils, this project is more or less a dumping ground for some ideas I have and snippets I use on multiple sites (or at least see myself using on multiple sites). The new step for any of these is, whether I can see them as standalone library. If I do, I try to clean them up even more and split them of the main package.

This happened yesterday to my little object-oriented views-implementation for Django. If you don’t know this library yet, please take a look at its README or this blog post. Basically, the idea is to be able to share some common functionality between views by making views out of Python classes.

Today I did some final cleanup, moved it over to setuptools and finally made an actual 0.2.0 release including PyPI-registration, files etc. So if you want to use it, just run easy_install django-oopviews :-)

I also registered the project on, so if you find any bugs or have some feature request or other questions, please ask there :-)