This Life in Pictures

Time to work and time to relaxEver since I first heard the term “Photoblog” I always considered it a cool idea but definitely more something for other people … basically those that get out more, have a life and whatnot. A couple of days ago I stumbled thanks to schokodinatorin upon Project365, a group on Flickr that has as a goal that you upload one picture every day to document your life. Naturally this is totally option, but I kind of like the idea of having one photo for each day of a year.

The difference to a traditional photoblog? I’m not really sure that there even is one except for being embedded in a social process and that you really have to do it every single day. When you look at some of the pictures in the pool, you notice that only very few of them are really professional-grade, which I kind of always associated with a “real” photoblog. Oftentimes it’s simply a shot of the photographer doing some usual stuff like buying food, doing the laundry etc. Easy enough to even make me think “Hey, I can do that too” :-) So since last Friday I now try to keep my photostream to at least one photo per day with only one photo making it into my own little Project356-pool. While working from home this is still kind of hard since I don’t want to put all that many screenshots up there, but at least thanks to my S700 I can have a good camera with me all the time :D

Why do I want to do that in the first place? I have a couple of reasons. First of all it’s great to just have something to look back to from time to time and see how much you’ve actually done over the time, how much you’ve experienced. With one photo per day you can easily do that while focusing on the one thing you’ve really enjoyed or what was really important that day.

Eventually I also want to make these pictures and stories available here, but outside of the blog itself. Perhaps as some kind of mini-photoblog, to give it a nicer look than what Flickr itself offers when viewing a tag-archive or a set. We’ll see :-)