Bye bye Stikkit

Back in January 2007 I was totally impressed by Stikkit. It offered a clean and to me very intuitive way to manage notes and my schedule. But it seems like most of my complaints from back then are still valid now. For example “Thinking” is still limited to English strings and there is no localization at all besides the timezone setting.

Well, this is all mute now, since Value of n will be closing doors on December 8th. This means, that Stikkit as well as I Want Sandy will be shut down. While I would like to say that this was unexpected, I honestly thought they had left the stage some time ago. Only marginal updates on the blog not all that much going on with Stikkit after building I Want Sandy from what I can see.

Also, I wholeheartedly agree with some of the more critical comments on the above blog post: It’s first of all quite a short notice for closing down a service, in my opinion; and this is definitely a warning sign for people relying too much on Web2.0-services to manage their work and life. At least they give you the option to export your data using for example iCal for events and an Atom-feed for your stikkits.