Finally FireGPG

GnuPG is a great thing if you have some mails or data that should be shared confidentially and I used to love Enigmail back when I was still using Thunderbird for all my emailing. But since I’ve moved exclusively to GMail some months ago, I only rarely used GnuPG anymore since it wasn’t as convenient anymore.

Then I found FireGPG, an extension for Firefox that helps you sign, encrypt and decrypt text right from your web-browser and even comes with explicit support for the GMail web-frontend. Sadly, for some reason I could never get it to work. It never could find my gpg commandline client even if I told it its exact location. And from what I can tell, I seem not to be the only one with this problem. Seems like I always missed the whole “Mac not support” notice, but luckily I gave it a try again today and since FireGPG now supports Intel Macs since version 0.6.2, it finally seems to work :D

There still seems to be a small problem with GnuPG recognizing encrypted messages in GMail, but nothing all that serious.