Bye Bye Pownce

It’s always sad to see services that you actually really liked going the way of the dodo. It just happened a few days ago with Stikkit and now it’s Pownce’s time to leave the net. I personally never found a real use-case for me with Pownce but I always liked the service nonetheless for it’s quite unique approach to social messaging. Now that Leah and Mike move on to SixApart, Pownce will be shut down (but at least with a 14 days time-period for getting your data out of it).

What I don’t get about this whole move is, that why SixApart is hiring both of them. From what I’ve gathered, SixApart seems to me like a pure Perl-shop while Pownce was (and for the next 2 weeks still is) a pure Django application. It’s also definitely sad to see one of the biggest (or least most popular) Django sites go down.

Anyway: Big thanks to Leah and Mike for Pownce and good luck with SixApart :-) (Perhaps you can teach them some serious programming language over there ;-) j/k). The whole story has one positive aspect, though: I finally can focus exclusively on Twitter for social messaging ;-)