PULSE ... the browser-only show for PSN

Screenshot from the PSN frontpageSony seems to be trying really hard to get some original content onto their PSN service. Last summer they launched the Qore magazine for paying subscribers and on the 5th a new show on PSN called “PULSE”. It’s basically a small preview of what’s about to get released in the near future combined with some nice charts, so actually not bad for a corporate advertisement show.

There are some bummers for me, though, as far as I can tell: Not downloadable (just in the browser, I think), no RSS/Atom-feed and not on iTunes. The last one is kind of redundant but the first two really annoy me. I simply don’t really enjoy watching shows in a browser but on my iPod on the go or in Quicktime/VLC when on the laptop. So eventually it will probably go the way of Gametrailers for me: Every now and then, but probably not regularly (GT has at least downloadable views but only the smallest versions in the feed).