Farewell, 1UP.com crew

What a day. The first thing I read when getting up yesterday morning was that 1UP was basically going down with most of the people I really liked there losing their jobs. It’s not like we didn’t all see the takeover by UGO coming, but I never would have expected it hitting that hard.

For the last nearly 3 years the podcasts and shows by 1UP were a fixture in my weekly schedule. Sitting in the Mensa and listening to the latest thing Shane was the biggest fan of on the whole wide world… Not to mention all their great features esp. those about the TGS and the hilarious Broken Pixels. While Garnett Lee already indicated, that there might still be a 1UP Yours, it hardly will be the same. But as a friend told me: Everything eventually comes to an end.

It just was so sad to follow Ryan O’Donnell’s twitter feed when he and the video crew cleared their offices. Now all I can do is wish the whole former 1up-crew good luck and that they will ASAP find a new job they enjoy as much or even more as their previous one.

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