Looking forward to the Kodak Zi6

Image screenshot from kodak.comIt’s really rare that I’m looking forward to a new gadget that much but for the last couple of days I just can’t get the Kodak Zi6 mini camcorder out of my head (Thank you Mr. Norton :-/ ). For 150 EUR it looks like a really good and very affordable HD camcorder for on-the-go and thanks to its SDCard-slot and use of AA-batteries I could even use it for slightly extended stuff. Now the darn thing just has to get released in Austria (which should happen somewhen in March according to Kodak).

The only aspect that I’m not all that excited about is its quite narrow field of vision. Some people compared it to a 50mm lense, which I love on my DSLR but can definitely see making a few problems on something like this. But that’s about anything I could complain about right now…. I just want to finally get my hands on it :D Prepare to get some really stupid videos from me in March ;-)