E-mail disclaimers: The compact way

Ever contacted someone from a company and wondered about those huge disclaimers in her e-mail signature telling you what you cannot do with the content of the conversation? Some companies probably employ their own staff of lawyers just to come up with these disclaimers, as long as they are.

Recently, Jana wrote about a rather nice alternative to such blobs:

// This email is
// [X] assumed to public and may be blogged / twittered / forwarded.
// [ ] assumed to be private, please ask before redistributing.

Compact, universally understandable, just nice :D I have no idea of its legal value but for normal human beings this should be much easier to understand than those disclaimer-monsters :-) Even if you get not right away the permission to write about what has been discussed in the mail, it’s quite comforting to know for sure what you can and cannot do with the content.

A couple of days ago I made this my primary signature and already one company (out of one) I was asking for some product information understood it.