No Glitter Hits for me

Every time the music industry runs around crying like a little girl about how much pirates (they probably mean those in Somalia) hurt their business (by attacking tourists on expensive yachts and tankers, I guess) I sometimes start to feel sorry for them. But this state of delusion only holds for as long as it takes to play Glitter Hits by the Italian band “The Styles”.

I live in Austria, a country – if you don’t mind consulting a map you think you can trust – pretty damn close to Italy. But for some obscure reason I can’t buy the above mentioned song. It’s not available in the German Amazon store (which also acts as the one for Austria), not in the Austria iTunes Music Store.

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted H2OMusic, the label of “The Styles” which seems to be owned by Sony BMG, and asked about this. Did I ever get a response? Not really. I guess the next company to ask would be Sony BMG itself, but it’s not like I expect much more a response than what I got from H2OMusic. Making a deal with EA to include the song world-wide in various Burnout games seems to have been possible. Why isn’t adding it to iTunes everywhere?

At least, the song isn’t available in the newly opened MP3 store on the German edition of Amazon either … which I get all the advertising for but can’t actually by anything from since I’m not from Germany …

I often wonder, if the music industry really wants to sell you anything.