Master your default-branch on Github

Sometimes small features are just as important as big ones. For nearly 6 months I’ve been waiting for such a small feature and tonight github finally implemented it: The option to choose the default branch of a repository.

Why is this so important for me? I have a small repository where we translate the official Django documentation into German. Since we want to stick as close to the structure used upstream as possible, we have the documentation for 1.1 in the master-branch and the one for 1.0 in the releases/1.0.X branch. The problem was until now that most of our efforts right now happen in the 1.0-branch which we’ll then simply merge into 1.1 once it is mostly complete. Previously we had to put a huge WARNING in the description of our repository to tell people what branch to use, now we can make that just a small warning ;-)

So now, when you visit the translation’s project on Github, you see the 1.0-branch right away :D