Star Trek

Right on the last day of EuroDjangoCon 09 a small group of brave Djangonauts ordered a couple of tickets and went to downtown Prague to find strange new cinemas and watch the new Star Trek movie by J. J. Adams. At first I wasn’t really sure what to expect from that movie, but it turned out to be a complete surprise :D

The surprise was, that Adams did what no one had done before: to create a Star Trek-movie that didn’t required you to have some prior knowledge of the universe or be totally ridiculous (remember that buggy from Nemesis?!). In fact for me personally this is the best Star Trek movie ever (perhaps with the exception of First Contact, although that’s the fanboy in me speaking). It’s fast, has thanks to Scotty and Kirk quite a bit of humor … and doesn’t really create any conflicts with the previous time-line of the Star Trek universe.

You get to know a young crew of the Enterprise right out of the Academy and on their first real mission, but not like you know them if you’re familiar with the ST universe. This is all caused by a new enemy called Nero, who wants to bring death and mayhem to the galaxy. A simple base plot combined with in my opinion really great acting makes this new Star Trek-movie an experience I can really recommend to anyone who doesn’t completely hate science fiction :-)

I can’t wait to get this on DVD and I really hope that this crew will get some screen time again.

Just a last note for all the Star Trek fans out there who haven’t seen the movie yet: I said, that this movie doesn’t really messes with the time-line. Guess how they do it ;-) Right, by introducing another time-line. Otherwise having a Romulan showing his face for everyone in Starfleet to see would have been quite strange at that time ;-)

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