Are all FriendFeed bindings outdated?

Is it just me or are most language bindings for the FriendFeed API mostly outdated? I’ve now looked at the official ones for Python, PHP and C# as well as two for Java and none of them offers the extended search facilities provided by the API , e.g. the domain search or the URL fetcher. The “real-time”-methods are nowhere to be seen, either. And if you want to at the missing functionality to some of the Java bindings, you end up running into the private-method-wall -_-.

So far I’ve only found one binding for Python (albeit not the official one) by Chris Lasher that supports at least the domain-search. (A new version of it is out now, btw. :D)

On a side-note: If you write a binding for a language, (big, big, big) please make sure that it’s easy to use. It doesn’t really help if a PHP binding is not in PEAR, a Java binding is in no Maven2 repository or a Python binding is not on PyPI.